"Winundersham" was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1087as belonging to "Dot" a Free Man. However, it soon passed into the hands of Gilbert De Venables following the Norman Conquest.

During the following 1000 years, the estate passed in and out of ownership of the Venables family through inheritance marriage and sale.

The main change came in the mid 15th century when Francis Venables married charles Lee, whose direst descendants also rebuilt the hall at the end of the 19th century.

In 1910 the Hall became a ladies college which attracted girls from all over the world, including West Africa, India and Chile.

Bad times were to follow the second world war. A general lack of interest resulted in hundreds of statley homes being destroyed including the demolition of all but a small part of Wincham Hall, which now forms the centre -piece of the hotel.

The partial demolition has been reversed in recent years. The beautiful old house has been lovingly extended and modernised by its owners to form a charming and comfortable hotel set in six acres of georgeously manicured gardens. The gardens themselves have been totally repalanted creating lawns, patios and walks amongst flowering shrubs and trees which serve as the ideal setting for a wedding !


Wincham had a team ghost hunt there  back in 2015 and a number of Class A EVP's were captured. Including childrens voices as well as a mist which formed the shape of a cat which was evidenced with a photograph. 

There has been sightings of ghosts around Wincham Hall.  Guests have also reported activity in one specific bedroom we will disclose specifically which room it is after your investigation. 

Be one of the first to conduct a ghost hunt in this building with us! 


Your Ghost Hunt at Wincham Hall will take you on a journey of mystery and wonder. You will  use as much of the location as possible in order to truly to discover who or what is haunting this mysterious building. You will also have the opportunity to take our equipment and to ghost hunt on your own to get the most authentic experience as possible.


  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including K2 Metres, EMF Metres, Voice recorders, SLS Cameras and many more
  • Experiments including table tipping, Ouija Boards, Glass divination and Scribing
  • Ghost hunting vigils and seances in small groups
  • Refreshments (Includes hot and cold drinks and snacks)  


  • This location is not suitable for wheelchair users
  • This location is not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties
  • All attendees must be 18 years old or older (or 16+ accompanied by an adult)
  • All attendees must bring a torch
  • Wear sensible shoes and warm layered clothing as the location may get cold at night