The Occult Family have been investigating different locations across the UK for over the last two years. Throughout this time we have captured some amazing eyewitness and camera evidence. 

As a Family we thought it was time to take our investigations up a level and invite you the public a long with us to witness the experiments. Every experiment will be monitored by CCTV with a control room, monitored by one of The Occult Family. Guests are more than welcome to access the control room and monitor the CCTV cameras themselves (maybe to watch your family and friends investigate). Evidence throughout the evening will be collated and compared to the history of the building and presented via our social media. All guests will have the opportunity to take part in new age and Victorian experiments and are able to conduct group and individual investigations. You will have access to all of the latest ghost hunting equipment and will be guided on how to use it. 

Come and join The Occult Family and enter the experiment!